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Our Brompton bikes offer something for everyone and share features like the elegant and simple fold, curve of the frame, the folded dimensions and joy of the ride.


Choose between different materials. Brompton C Line is our classic made of all-steel, P Line is part-titanium which makes it easier to carry and nimbler around town. 


Although all Brompton frames are the same size, there are different components that tailor the fit for each rider: seatpost and handlebar type.


Brompton offers three seatpost length options: 

  • Standard: Suitable for those with an inside leg measurement of 33 inches / 84 cm maximum. 

  • Extended: 2.5 inches / 60mm longer than the standard. This seatpost option does leave the saddle higher when the bike is folded and therefore the below option may suit you if you wish to keep the bike as small as possible when folded.  

  • Telescopic: Designed for those with an inside leg greater from 35 inches / 89cm to 39 inches / 99cm approx. or for taller riders wishing to minimise how far the seat pillar protrudes from the folded package. It also allows you to remove the saddle more easily, which is perfect for particularly small spaces like the boot of your car. 


For further information about finding the correct saddle height on your Brompton can be found here.

Our three handlebar types offer different riding positions for varying heights of rider and styles of riding.

  • Low: Shorter riders will find this a good all-round position and taller riders will be in a lower, sporty ride position, which may be preferable if the rider is used to a road bike.

  • Mid: Our classic handlebar shape, which for most riders provides an all-round, neutral position. Shorter riders will find this offers a more upright, leisurely position and taller riders will find this still gives a slightly sporty position.

  • High: Our classic handlebar shape, at an elevated height (6 cm higher in the bike stem). Taller riders will find this offers a more neutral position and anyone shorter will feel close to upright, similar in style to a traditional Dutch bike.


Further information regarding the Brompton range and options can be found in the chart above.


All Brompton available models can be purchased here.


If you require further assistance to choose the perfect Brompton for you, please contact our Customer Service team here who will be more than happy to assist.

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