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Our Brompton Front Carrier Block is an essential accessory when traveling with baggage. It allows your Brompton luggage to be easily attached to the front of your Brompton Bike. It minimises the effect carrying luggage has on handling the bike, giving you a smooth ride.


Our Brompton Front Carrier Block also removes the hassle of choice between carrying everything you need, grabbing shopping on the go, and enjoying a riding experience through the city. With it, you can have it all.


Third, our Front Carrier Block eliminates the need to carry weight on your shoulder or back while riding, allowing you to ride easily without the weight getting you down. It’s more than just a means of carrying Brompton Baggage; it’s a solution to the problem you didn’t realise you had.

Once you’ve invested in one, watch how it transforms the way you ride and creates even more opportunities for you every day.

Brompton Front Carrier Block

  • Weight: From 0.48kg

    Colour: Black

    Material: Plastic

    Tools Required: 5mm allen key, 4mm allen key, Philips head screwdriver

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