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The Brompton Quad Lock® Phone Mount - custom-designed for Brompton bikes.


The Brompton Quad Lock® Phone Mount provides a stable and safe way to mount your phone to your bike allowing for navigation and notifications to be clearly visible whilst on the move.


Mounted in the centre of the handlebars over the stem and compatible with all current handlebar types. Designed in robust nylon, in a sleek black for an unobtrusive look on the bike.


Important: The phone mount is supplied on its own, but to operate a phone specific Quad Lock case or universal adapter must be purchased separately.

Brompton Phone Mount

  • Phone dimensions

    167mm x 76mm x 9mm on Mid or High handlebars, Low handlebars could accommodate larger mobile phones


    45 g


    Quad Lock® designed by Brompton – (designed to work with Brompton bike fold.)


    Dual-stage locking mechanism ensures phone is secure on bike


    Strong, secure & lightweight mount


    Not compatible with T Line bikes


    Compatible with all Quad Lock® phone cases and universal adaptor (not included) – Available to buy from official website.

    Quad Lock Adaptor

    Option to include Quad Lock® Universal Adaptor with Brompton Phone Mount

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