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Everyone has their own 'adventure’. I want to go on an adventure. I can go anywhere and do anything on my Brompton


A bike that is built to go beyond what you would normally expect from a Brompton.


Outside the city limits.

Outside the regular commute or weekend loop.


A partnership to bring the possibilities of the bike to life. With a like minded adventurer, Bear Grylls, who aims to inspire others to be more adventurous in their lives.

As well as showing what’s possible, The Bear Grylls edition delivers a platform for new and current owners to inspire the possibilities for adventure on a Brompton bike.






Brompton x Bear Grylls, C Line Explore

  • C Line Explore

    • 6 speed (3 Speed Sturmey Archer Hub Gear, 2 Speed External Gear)
    • Brooks C17 All Weather Saddle
    • Schwalbe Marathon Racer Tanwall folding tyres
    • Bear Grylls Backpack
    • Bear Grylls Pouch
    • Mainframe in Moss Green
    • Extremities in Mushroom Grey
    • Accents in Adventure Orange